Free eTools to Make Your IIPP More Effective

Do you have an injury and illness prevention plan (IIPP) in place at your organization? When was the last time you double-checked it? Do you know if it is effective? Is it time for a review and update? The California Department of Industrial Relations wants to make it easy for you to evaluate your current level of safety compliance. They’ve provided a PDF questionnaire in their “eTools” section of the DOSH website for employers to use any time. It’s just 8 pages long, although you may need to add more pages if your safety procedure descriptions are lengthy and detailed.

If you find that you aren’t addressing one or more of the compliance areas, this is a great place to document the specific steps your organization will take to correct these issues. Just be sure you actually do follow up on each one. Being proactive about catching and fixing the gaps in your IIPP goes a long way toward ensuring your agency is never hit with a willful violation. Failure to create, maintain and enforce an IIPP is can be a big problem. Cal/OSHA is now using the IIPP as a catchall standard or “General Duty” clause under which to issue citations and assess penalties. Keeping your plan up to date and ensuring that all the policies are actually followed makes your workplace much safer.

Add More Tools to Your Safety Toolbox

If you’d prefer an even simpler approach to evaluating your IIPP, we can also recommend our internal self-audit web app. Instead of having to come up with answers to open ended questions and brainstorm your own action steps, you can simply click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the online form. There are more than a dozen different audits you can choose to complete, so you can target your IIPP precisely to the needs of your organization. When you submit your answers, you immediately receive an action list to help you correct any deficiencies or non-compliance issues. Since the audit is saved in the system, you can come back and check off items as you complete them. Click the subscribers tab from our home page to access this tool with a free trial subscription.